Whom Does Public Order and Morality Serve?
Episode 1
English Whom Does Public Order and Morality Serve?
Kanji 公序良俗は誰が為に
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Air Date 4/7/2015
Episode 1
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"Whom Does Public Order and Morality Serve?" (公序良俗は誰が為に Kōjoryōzoku wa Ta ga Tame ni?) is the first episode of the Shimoneta anime adaptation. It first aired in Japan on the 4th of July, 2015.


16 years ago, since the “Law for Public Order and Morals in Healthy Child-Raising” policy was established, the use of indecent words became prohibited throughout Japan. Okuma Tanukichi, out of admiration for Anna who serves as the student council president, decides to enter the country’s leading elite ‘public morals’ school. He then meets “Blue Snow”, a terrorist who gets hold of his weakness, leaving him no choice but to become a member of “SOX”, a (sexually healthy) terrorist group. Is that prison over there? And also, harem?

On the first day of school, Okuma Tanukichi, who decided to enter Tokioka Academy, was suspected to be a pervert on the train. Among the confusion, a person who wore a woman’s panty on her head and had a bath towel as a cloak, appeared out of nowhere and told Tanukichi to escape while she was creating havoc.


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