What SOX Created
Episode 7
English What SOX Created
Kanji SOXが作りし者
Romaji SOX ga tsukuri shi mono
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Air Date 8/15/2015
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Handmade Warmth! The Devil Blows His Own Trumpet.
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"What SOX Created" (SOXが作りし者) SOX ga tsukuri shi mono?) is the seventh episode of the Shimoneta anime adaptation. It first aired in Japan on 15th of August, 2015.


SOX forms alliances with other erotic terrorist groups throughout Japan to share various pornographic books with each other. Back at school, the student council discovers that someone has been stealing the underwear of girls and boys throughout the city and crediting SOX with the heists. Tanukichi and Ayame watch a girls' changing room to catch a thief, but when Ayame runs off, Anna appears to sexually assault Tanukichi again. Shortly after that, Tanukichi reunites with Ayame only to find her speaking with Hyouka, and confiscates her yaoi book with characters loosely based off himself and Goriki on the cover.

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  • When Kajou says that "Japanese c*ndoms are the best in the world!" is a reference to Stroheim's famous quote in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.



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