The Devil Blows His Own Trumpet.
Episode 8
English The Devil Blows His Own Trumpet.
Kanji (悪魔が来たりてホラを吹く)
Romaji Akuma ga ki tari te hora o fuku
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Air Date 8/22/2015
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"The Devil Blows His Own Trumpet" ((悪魔が来たりてホラを吹く) Akuma ga ki tari te hora o fuku?) is the eigth episode of the Shimoneta anime adaptation. It first aired in Japan on August 22, 2015.


Tanukichi wakes up to find Kosuri sleeping next to him and Anna dangerously holding a knife in his doorway. He quickly decides to pretend Kosuri is his little sister, but it backfires as Anna threatens to stab her, cutting a large hole in his floor before leaving. Later at school, Anna's father has sent Oboro Tsukimigusa to become the school's Prefect and take charge of the effort to eliminate impure influences in school. However, unlike the moral authorities, Oboro starts by removing mundane items like basketball hoops and volleyball nets as they may somehow lead boys to immoral thoughts.

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