Kosuri Onigashira
Kosuri onigashira
鬼頭 鼓修理
Kosuri Onigashira
 Gender Female
 Occupation SOX member
Voice actor

Lara Woodhull (English)


Kosuri Onigashira (鬼頭 鼓修理 Onigashira Kosuri?) is a character appearing in the Shimoneta series.


Kosuri is a young girl with short, fuchsia colored hair that largely resembles the tip of a penis and has green eyes.


Kosuri is very manipulative. Often using her youth to appear innocent and sweet to lure people into a false sense of trust.

She can be overly enthusiastic with her goals and is not above using aggression or even betraying her own comrades and friends to achieve them.


Kosuri learned the art of manipulation from romantic and shoujo manga. She is an outstanding actress and is able to get into character quickly.

Kosuri will resort to more violent methods. Often times using weapons like a stun gun on her unsuspecting victims as well as manipulating others to fight for her but is not above getting her hands bloody herself in a fight if needed


Daughter of Keisuke and a fangirl of SOX, Ayame lets her join in, however, her loyalty was in question. At first Kosuri appeared to be a loyal and very enthusiastic member of the group. She used her talents of manipulation to help SOX's objective. It even helped in fooling a jealous Anna, who saw her and Tanukichi sleeping in the same Futon that she was his half sister. A ruse she still keeps up regardless if they are alone together or not.

However she soon became disillusioned with SOX's tactics as well as feeling unappreciated by her idol Ayame. At this time another group Gathered Fabrics lead by Takuma Ichinos began their campaign against the current government. Believing them to be more assertive, Kosuri wanted SOX and Takuma group to work together. However Ayame did not want to associate with them as their tactics were more aggressive and violent, putting people and innocent bystanders in danger. Seeing SOX as too passive in their tactics Kosuri betrays the SOX and joins Gathered Fabric.

Kosuri soon learns though that Takuma has no interest changing the oppressive laws and morals governing them and only wanted to satisfy his own fetishes. Lashing out in anger she was subdued by Takuma who held her captive during their hostage take over of the school.

Eventually Kosuri was rescued and aided SOX and the student council in defeating Takuma. Ayame forgave Kosuri for her betrayal and was allowed to rejoin SOX, with Kosuri promising to never betray the group again.


- The English Voice Actress of Kosuri Lara Woodhull is also known from the voices of Izuku Midoriya (Young) in My Hero Academia and Hinami Fueguchi in Tokyo Ghoul

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