Oboro Tsukimigusa
月見草 朧
Tsukimigusa Oboro
 Gender Male
 Status Novice
 Occupation Prefect
Voice actor

Megan Vander Pluym

 Anime Shimoneta
  • AppearanceOboro has a very feminine build with long black hair and black eyes. He wears the female uniform and pretends to be a woman as ordered by Matsukage Nishikinomiya to make his job easier as well as to prevent him from developing any feelings for Anna. And he's hot as fuck.PersonalityOboro speaks in a monotone voice.HistoryNot much is known about his younger years, but he has worked for Matsukage Nishikinomiya for a long time. As such he has extremely little sense of self, quoting with - "If Mr. Nishkinomya says that I am a boy, then I am a boy. If he says that I am a girl, then I am a girl. If miss Anna thinks peppers are delicious, then I think they are delicious. ↵If she thinks that pudding is disgusting, then I think they are disgusting. "AbilityOboro has an uncanny talent of seeing obscenity/sexual connotations in innocent, everyday objects. This proved to be an invaluable skill which helped SOX in their battle against the other ero-terrorist organizations.BiographyBackgroundQuotesTriviaThe name Oboro means "Haziness, gloominess or dreariness" (朧).Oboro's surname Tsukimigusa means "moon" (月) (tsuki), "see" (見) (mi) and "grass" (草) (gusa).GalleryReferences) (gusa).



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