Otome Saotome
早乙女 乙女
Saotome Otome
 Gender Female
 Occupation Artist, SOX member
Voice actor

Satomi Arai (Japanese)
Brittney Karbowski (English)



Short bob cut black hair, she seems to be smaller than the average height despite being an upperclassman.


Saotome tends to get angry almost every time, especially at Okuma when both of them had the same interest in Anna. Saotome also has a tendency to talk in a condescending tone when angry. Despite this, Saotome can be cool and smart at some times and her lust for drawing erotic manga is vast that she tends to get crazy at doing it. Saotome will often act like a maniac when she sees something lewd. 


Draws dirty art for SOX with her mouth.



Otome Saotome is considered as a star of her school. Through winning numerous art contests, she gained a scholarship from Tokioka Academy. Despite the many praises for her artwork, there is a creative void that she wished to fill - constantly searching for what she truly wants to draw. She was hired by 《SOX》to draw lewd materials, depicting the act of sex, to distribute at school. Due to the lack of actual sex scenes in the materials currently possessed by 《SOX》, they set up Tanukichi Okuma to have sex with his stalker (who turned out to be Anna Nishikinomiya) while Otome secretly watches. The set up turned out to be a rape ambush but, nonetheless, Otome got her inspiration and became the official illustrator for 《SOX》. During the hot springs arc, Otome once more harbored doubts regarding her path as an artist. Keisuke Onigashira took advantage of this insecurity in order to steal Otome from 《SOX》 and into his side.


"I wish to draw you and Anna body-melding."

"Keep. Going. No. Matter. What."




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