Takuma Ichinose
Other names White Climax
 Gender Male
 Occupation Leader of Moist Throng/Gathered Fabric
Voice actor

Anthony Bowling (English)

Takuma Ichinose is one of the antagonist appearing in the Shimoneta series.


Takuma wears a full suit made up of white undies stitched together. It covers his entire body except for his penis that is always exposed. The suit, according to Takuma himself, was before made of strong, nice aroma but now only left with a stinky stench. It is also drench in white wine.


Takuma has a fetish for underwear, mostly white, used underwear. He is known by the members of his group as very weird. Despite that, he is somewhat quite aggressive and intelligent in deploying his schemes.


He is proven to be very strong when he fought Tanukichi, Ayame and Anna at the same time. He can even punch Ayame away, beat Tanukichi and shove a stun gun into his butt, then blocked a kick from Anna and send her flying across the room. Takuma uses his penis to hold the stun gun. He can become stronger if he sensed a strong aroma from an underwear. He can also smell underwear within a 500-meters radius.



He is the leader of Moist Throng/Gathered Fabric. He is also known as White Climax. A fetish of his, his love for underwear, leads him to make this group just so he can continue enjoying his fetish.


"What is wrong with succumbing to lust?! It's society that's messed up! Not me! - ep 11




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