Yutori Nuregomoro
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 Gender Female
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 Manga Manga: Volume 03, Chapter 13

Light Novel: Volume 03 (Introduction), Volume 06 (Cover Feature)

 Anime Opening Sequence
NAME (KANJI ROMAJI?) is a character appearing in the Shimoneta series.


Yutori Nuregomoro has purple hair, dark skin, and flat chest. She briefly appears in the opening sequence of the anime. She also appears on the cover of Volume 3 of the manga and Volume 6 of the Light Novels, together with Kosuri Onigashira. She was introduced in Chapter 13 of the manga, and Volume 03 of the Light Novels.


Yutori has tomboy-ish manners and is usually very serious. She has become jaded and cynical, due to her traumatic past experience. However, she blushes and becomes flustered at the slightest physical contact with Tanukichi Okuma. She developed a friendship with Kosuri Onigashira, who prodded her to pursue her unrequited love for Tanukichi.


Yutori has been depicted as athletic, and has an affinity for animals, or foxes at least. In fact, she trained a fox to do tricks, as one would with a dog.



Yutori was Tanukichi Okuma's old friend from middle school. Both came from a family of farmers, with knowledge on sexual reproduction, and are therefore shunned by many people. Yutori has had a long-time crush on Tanukichi, due to his earnestness. However, when Tanukichi decided to transfer to Tokioka Academy to follow Anna Nishikinomiya, she decided to hide her feelings.

After Tanukichi left, Yutori continued to spread sexual education throughout her school, at the risk of being outcast. She is a member of the terrorist organizations, The Thigh Lovers, and The Mammals under Keisuke Onigashira. 


"We must follow something because it is right, not just out of admiration!" (Manga Vol 03, Ch 21)




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